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Take full advantage of The Kennedy Channeling Technique provided by Elliott Wave International
During years of trading experience, Jeffrey Kennedy has developed his own technique to supplement the concepts and standards of Elliott Wave analysis in order to improve its accuracy. It was he who first developed The Kennedy Channeling Technique, which he now uses to verify wave counts for both his subscribers and himself in order to trade more effectively. The 38-minute instructional film that Jeffrey created to demonstrate how this works was very beneficial to subscribers. It is possible to learn to perform your own wave analysis using Jeffrey’s effective technique if you take this course.
What you will get from The Kennedy Channeling Technique training program of Elliott Wave International

How to confidently identify Elliott wave patterns
How can trend reversals be identified and your business possibilities confirmed
How to use Kennedy Channeling in real time
The significance of the wave
Bonus: Wave Principle Basics. This 90 minute online movie explains all the principles of the Elliott Wave Principle from its rules and directives, wave personalities, wave formations and connections to Fibonacci. You will know how to identify basic training sessions in pricing data and what to anticipate next after you’re done.

About the course creator Jeffrey Kennedy

Having over 25 years of experience as an analyst, trader, and teacher, Jeffrey Kennedy, MSTA, CFTe, CMT, CEWA-M has served as Chief Commodity Analyst at Elliott Wave International (EWI). He is the author of Commodities Junctures, the primary commodities forecasting software of EWI, which focuses on Elliott’s wave market research as its foundation. Trader’s Classroom is another service offered by the company, which is a teaching service that shows how wave analysis and technical support trading opportunities may be discovered. The Chartered Market Technician certification, awarded in 2014, recognizes his competence in a variety of instruments used in technical analysis, including the stock market. Students and subscribers said on a regular basis how committed they are to enabling them to be successful in the profession.
What is Elliott Wave International?

Elliott Wave International is one of the world’s leading wave testing experts and market forecasters, with offices in New York and London. Around 20 full-time experts monitor more than 60 global markets and are regularly featured in news organizations such as Reuters, Bloomberg, and CNBC. Elliott Wave International conducts research on the effect of global stocks, bonds, money, metals, energy, and waves of social mood on many sectors of society. Its products include Elliott Wave International. Elliott Wave International has grown to become the largest independent technological research firm in the world, covering all major financial indicators. A number of Elliott Wave International books have received top honors in their respective areas. You are not in charge of the Federal Reserve’s policies, the news headlines, presidential elections, or the most recent economic data at this time. So that you can anticipate the consequences, they actually predict the factors that will cause them to manifest.
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