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What is the trend following and why should you learn about it?
Trend following is an investing or trading technique that seeks to profit from long, medium, or short-term market movements. Traders that use a trend following approach are not attempting to foresee or predict certain price levels; rather, they just ride the trend. These traders often join the market after the trend has established itself effectively, wagering on the trend continuing for an extended period of time. As a result, they forfeit the first turning point profit.?
A market trend is the propensity of the price of a financial instrument to move in a certain direction over time. If a trend reversal occurs, they leave and wait for the reversal to establish itself as a trend in the other direction. In the event that their rules indicate an exit, the traders depart but re-enter when the trend resumes.
Practical Approach to Trend Following by Rajandran R is a trend following course that takes you step by step through the process of developing competence in trend following and systematic trend following systems with adequate risk management and position sizing. It is a comprehensive eight-hour training course designed to develop advanced skill in trend following models.
What is covered in the course Practical Approach to Trend Following by Rajandran R?

Practical Approach to Trend Following – Module 1

What is trend following
Recognize market participants
What factors influence the markets?
Phase of trend vs. phase of consolidation
Which period is best for trading?
Trends of many types
Domination vs. accumulation/distribution
Traders’ most often used trend following strategy.

Practical Approach to Trend Following – Module 2

The principle of huge numbers
Fallacy of the gambler
The hypothesis of innovation diffusion
Curve of equity and drawdown
Stop-loss orders vs. trend-following orders
Trend following in the short term vs. the long term

Practical Approach to Trend Following – Module 3

Kelly’s standard
How to do a backtest with amibroker
Metrics for evaluating trend tracking systems’ performance

Practical Approach to Trend Following – Module 4

Using amibroker to create a trend following trading strategy
How to Create Entrances
How to create effective exit points
Sizing positions and risk management
How to substantiate trend-following theories
Metrics for evaluating trend tracking systems’ performance

Practical Approach to Trend Following – Module 5

Trend-following systems with many timeframes
In trend following trading methods, stock selection is critical.
Utilization of leverage vs. trend following
Emotional challenges associated with trend following
Capital requirements vs. trend-following
Best techniques in trend spotting

About your trainer Rajandran R

At Marketcalls and the Traderscafe, Rajandran R is an active trader who uses discretionary trading concepts like market profile, orderflow, trading sentiment analysis and constructing timing models to create algorithmic trading models to trade. Now he teaches full-time traders, professionals, and those who want to become full-time traders.
An Electronics and Communications Engineering degree from the University of Tamil Nadu in Chennai was Rajandran’s academic accomplishment. Individual traders and investors may rely on Rajandran’s extensive knowledge of trading softwares like Amibroker and Ninjatrader. He also knows how to use a variety of approaches to meet their objectives.
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