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2 Months High Todays Range
2-20-Day EMA Breakout System
25×25 Bond System
52 Week Hi-Lo Exploration
Absolute Breadth Index
Accumulation Distributio1
Accumulation Distributio2
Accumulation Distribution
Accumulation or Disribution
Adaptive RSI
Adaptive Trends And Oscillators
Adjustable Trading Bands
A-DLine Adaptative pA-pD
A-DLine Adaptative pApU-pDpU
Advance Decline Divergence Oscillator
Advance Decline Line New
Advance Decline Line with Negative Volume
ADX Above
ADX Linie Kierunkowe
ADX Rising Expoloration
ADX with Stochastic Signals
Alligator Indicator1
Alligator Indicator2
Alligator Indicator3
Alligator Indicators
Almost Zero Lag Moving Average
Alpha and Beta
AMA Binary Wave
Anchored Momentum
Anchored Moving Average
Another LRS-ROC Indicator
Anti Trigger
ANTI Trigger Trading System
Arms Ease Of Movement
Arms Index
ARMS Open Index
Aroon Indicators
Aroon Oscillator
ATR Bands
ATR Custom Indicato1
ATR Custom Indicato2
ATR Custom Indicato3
ATR Custom Indicator
ATR Exit 1
ATR Exit 2
ATR Modified
ATR Ratio
ATR Ratio to Close
ATR Trailing Stop Loss I
Automatic Metastock Trendline Formula
Automatic Support and Resistance
Average Dollar Price Volatility Exploration
Average Dollar Price Volatility Indicator
Average Modified Method
Average of Multiple Moving Averages
Average Volume
Balance Of Power
Base Channel
Base Channel System
Bell Ringers StochRSI14
Better Bollinger Bands
Bianchi Approach
Binary Wave All Composite Wave
Binary Wave System Test
BODY Momentum
Bollinger Band and 13 day MA
Bollinger Band Flexible Parameter
Bollinger Band Histogram
Bollinger Band Hook Up Hook Down
Bollinger Band Width
Bollinger Bands
Bollinger Bands Oscillator CCT
Bollinger Bands Oscillator I
Bollinger Bands Oscillator II
Bollinger Bands Oscillator III
Boomers Buy Sell
Bottom Reversal
BPDL Trend Filter Oscillator
Brady Breakout
Breadth Advance Decline Indicator
Breadth Thrust
Breakout Range2
Buff Averages
Bull Fear and Bear Fear Expert
Bull Fear-Bear Fear with D1
Bull Fear-Bear Fear with DX
Bullish Bearish Engulfing Pattern
Buy and Hold Indicator
Buy Trigger Trading System
Calibrated Summation Index
CandlCode ICS
CCI Fibonacci Peak Exploration
CCI Moving Average Crossover System Test
CCI Spike Trading System
Chaikin Money Flow
Chaikin Oscillator
Chaikin Volume Accumulation
Chande Kroll R2 Indicator
Chande Momentum Oscillator
Chande Momentum Oscillator Average
Chande Momentum Oscillator Volatility
Chande QStick
Chande R2 Indicator
Chande Target Price
Chande Trendscore
Chande VIDYA 21 5 Indicator
Chande Vidya other version
Chande Vidya Using P Variable Version 1
Chande Vidya Using P Variable Version 2
Chande Vidya with Volatility Bands
Chandelier Exit
Chandelier Exit 2
Chandelier Exit Variation
Chandelier Exit Variation II
Chandelier Exit-Improved
Changing Ways Accumulation Distribution
Chaos Fractal
Choppiness Index
Close Above Median Price
Close From 3 Days Ago
Close Relation To High Low
Close Within Band of MA
Closing Above 60 Day Highs
CMO Filtered
Coding Candlesticks II
Coding Example
Combining Statistical Pattern Analysis Shark 32
Combining Trend and Oscillator Signal1
Combining Trend and Oscillator Signal2
Combining Trend and Oscillator Signals
Commodity Channel Index Buy Sell Signals
Comparative Relative Strength
Confidence Percent
Congestion Index
Coppock Curve
Coppock Curve CCT
Coppock Curve LT Momentum
Coppock Curve-Signal Formulas
Coppock Indicator
Corr vol close
Countback line
Crude Oil Seasonal Trade 2
Cumulative Volume Variation Indicator
Custom A-D Oscillator
Cycle Formula
Cycle Indicator
Cyclical System
Dahl Oscillator
DAHL Variations
Daily Close vs High and Low Close
Daves New System
DeMark Indicator
DeMark Projected Range
DeMark Range Expansion Index
DeMarks Sequential
Dennis Tilleys Support Line
Detrended Price Oscillator
Diffusion Index
Directional Movement Index
Directional Movement Index Exploration
Directional Trend Index
Disparity Index
Displace Indicator Forward
Displaced Moving Average
Divergence between Close and Indicator
Donchain Channels
Double Stochastics
Double Tops and Double Bottoms
Downtrend Signal
Dual Oscillator B-Wave
Dunnigan Trend
Durmmonds PLdot
Dynamic Break-out System
Dynamic Momentum Oscillator
Dynamic Moving Vertical Lines
Dynamic Multiple Time Frame1
Dynamic Multiple Time Frame2
Dynamic Multiple Time Frame3
Dynamic Multiple Time Frames
Dynamic Zone WilliamsR Exploration
Dynamic Zone WilliamsR Indicator
Dynamic Zones
Ease of Movement Williams
ECO-Ergodic Candlestick Oscillator
Efficiency Ratio
Ehlers Filters
Elders Force Index
Elders SIROC
Elliott Oscillator
Elliott Wave Idfentification
End Point Moving Average
End Points Linear Regression Line
Entry Condition
Entry Price
Envelope Koperta
Excel Confidence
Exit a Long Position
Exit on Close
Experimental Williams Trading System
Fib Level1
Fib Level2
Fib Levels
FibAccordion CCT
FibCMO Indicator
Fibonacci Ratios and Momentum
Fibonacci Trade1
Fibonacci Trade2
Fibonacci Trader
Fidelity Select Chemical Fund
Final Plot
Forecast Oscillator
Forecast Oscillator System Alternative
Fractal Efficiency
Fractal Up and Fractal Down Expert
Front Weighted 36 Day Moving Average
GANN HiLo Crossover
GANN HiLo Exploration
GANN HiVisual LoVisual
GANN Swing Expert
GANN Swing HiLow Activator
GAP Days
GAP Identification
GAP Study Microsoft
Gap System1
Gap System2
Gap System3
Gap Systems
GAP Trading
Gap Up System With Delayed Exit
Genesis Simple Futures Exploration
Genesis Simple Futures Trading System
Gil Raff MarketSpace Timing Syste1
Gil Raff MarketSpace Timing Syste2
Gil Raff MarketSpace Timing System
Gopalakrishnan Range Index GAPO
Guppy Multiple Moving Average Exploration
Haeslers ATR
Half a line is fine Trendline
Haurlan Index
High Low
High Low Wave Daily
High Volume
High-Low Range on RTH Charts
Hilbert Squelch Indicator
Historical Volatility Daily
Historical Volatility System Connors Raschkes
How to Filter out Dead Stocks
Ichimoku Charts
IFT Intelligent Futures Trading
Instantaneous Trendline and Sinewave Indicator
Insync Index
Investor Preference Index
J2L Trading System
Jack Landis Formula1
Jack Landis Formula2
Jack Landis Formulas
Jeff Cooper
Jim Uptrender
John Hunts Exploration
John Kosar
Kaleidoscope CCT
Kaufmans Adaptive Moving Average I
Kaufmans Adaptive Moving Average II
Kaufmans Effectivity
Kaufmans Effectivity Mode
Kaufmans Moving Average
Keltner Bands-ATR
Keltner Channels
Ken Roberts Formulas
Kendall Indicator
Key Reversals Expert
Key Reversals Explorer
Key Reversals System
KST Formulas by Martin Prin1
KST Formulas by Martin Prin2
KST Formulas by Martin Prin3
KST Formulas by Martin Pring
Kurtosis Indicator
Largest Negative Change Close
Last Trough of MMA Convergence
Late Start 3 EMA
Linear Regression
Linear Regression 14
Linear Regression Channel
Linear Regression Line Motion-1
Linear Regression Line Motion-2
Linear Regression Line Motion-3
Linear Regression Slope
Linear Regression Trading System
LinRegOscillator CCT
Lone Ranger
Long Binary Wave
Long Binary Wave II
MACD Additions
MACD Crossover System Test
MACD DEMA Smoothed
MACD General Purpose
MACD Histogram
MACD Histogram CCT
MACD Modified TSF
MACD of Relative Strength
MACD TEMA Smoothed
MACD Tops and Bottoms
MACD-Future-Dr Trieber
MACDhistogram Trading System
Market Facilitation Index
Market Pressure Ultimate
Market Thrust Oscillator
Mass Index
Matter of Ticks
Maximum Profit System I
Maximum Profit System II
McClellan Oscillator
McClellan Summation Index
McGinley Dynamic
Median Price
MetaStock System Test 01 R2-S-C MFI
MetaStock System Test 02 Tema Binary Wave QStick
MetaStock System Test 03 Tema PDI-MDI-ADX
MetaStock System Test 04 Tema PV Binary Wav1
MetaStock System Test 04 Tema PV Binary Wav2
MetaStock System Test 04 Tema PV Binary Wave
MetaStock System Test 05 Tema StochRSI 13 55
MFI R2 Regress Slope-TSF-Short
Miesal Indicator
Modified Moving Average
Modified Moving Average II
Modified VIX Indicator
Momentum Index
Momentum Time S 1
Momentum Time S 2
Momentum Time S C
Momentum Trend Change Indicator
Money Flow Index
Money Flow One Day
Morris Double Momentum Oscillator
Morris RSI Volume
Moving Average Groups
Moving Average Normalized
Moving Average of Only One Day
Moving Average of Relative Strength
Moving Average Oscillator CCT
Moving Average Ribbon
Moving Average Tillson Twicing
Moving Average Variable
Moving Averages with Resist Suppt
Moving Linear Regression Line
MT S-C Short
Multiple Time Fram1
Multiple Time Fram2
Multiple Time Frame
MultiVote OBV
Mutated Variables
Natenberg Volatility
Negative Volume Indicator
No Name 01
Nonlinear Ehlers Filters
Normalizing Indicators
O Inercja and Mov
OBV Good Example
On Balance True Range
Onnos Binary Wave Indicator
Onnos Binary Wave System
Oscillating OBV
Overbuy Oversell
Overreaction Index
Pathfinder Trading System
Peak Oscillator
Percent Above-Below Moving Average
Persistence of Money Flow
Pivot Price Indictor
PLdot H-L Prices
PLdot MP Prices
Plotting Forward Days
Point of Balanc1
Point of Balanc2
Point of Balance
Point of Balance Oscillator
Polarized Fractal Efficiency
Positive Volume Indicator
Price Action Indicator PAIN
Price Oscillator Wave
Price Volume Rank
Price Volume Trend Stochastic
Pring Daily KST Buy
Projection Bandwidth
Projection Oscillator
Przeciecie Srednich
Psychological Index
R2 Regress Slope CCI TSF
R2 Regress Slope CMO
R2 Regress Slope MFI TSF
R2 Regress Slope Qstick
Rainbow Chart1
Rainbow Charts
Random Walk Index
Random Walk Index I1
Random Walk Index I2
Random Walk Index II
Rate of Change Since Specific Date
Recursive Moving Trend Average
Regression Oscillator and Slope Close
Relative Momentum Index RMI
Relative Performance Charting
Relative Strength Index Custom III
Relative Strength Index Full formula
Relative Strength Index RSI Custom
Relative Strength Index RSI Denvelope
Relative Vigor Index
Relative Volatility Index I
Relative Volatility Index II
Relative Volatility Index RVI
ROC Moving Average
ROC TSF ADXR LinRegSlope Short
RSI Custom 2
RSI Divergence
RSI Divergence Trading System
RSI moood p502
RSI Starting In the Middle of Chart
RSI Wstega Bollingera
RsiSto Oscillator
Ruggerios Trend
Rule of7 Oscillator
RVI w Simple Moving Average TASC
Semi Intelligent Oscillator CCT
Shifted TSMA Indicator
Short Volume Wave
Simple Fut WIG 20 System
Simple Moving Average with Res Supp
Sine Wave
Sine Weighted Moving Average
Single 60 Day Period BreakOut Signal Indicator
Slope Close Indicator
Slope of Line
Slope of Linear Regression Line
Smoothed Adapative Stochastic Oscillator
Smoothed DMI Index
Smoothed Moving Average
Smoothed Stochastic
Smoothed Stochastic Expert
Smoothed Tick Momemtum Line
Smoothing Techniques
Special TRIX
Squat Bar Variable Example
Standard Deviation Bands
Standard Error Band1
Standard Error Band2
Standard Error Bands
STARC SToller Average Range Channels
STIX Indicator
STIX Oscillator
Stochastic and RSI System
Stochastic And RSI System
Stochastic Cross Trading System
Stochastic D
Stochastic Example hhv Function
Stochastic MA System
Stochastic Momentum
Stochastic Momentum Indicator
Stochastic Momentum Plex
Stochastic Oscillator Custom
Stochastic Oscillator Custom II
Stochastic PVT Indicators
Stochastic Relative Strength Index
Stochastic RSI-Various Options
Stochastic Wave Long Short
StochasticRSI Customisable
StochasticRSI Tema smoothed
StochPVT Indicators
StochRSI Cust
Stoch-RSI II
StochRSI Oscillator
Stock Rhythm System
Stop Loss Indicator
StTO Oscillator
Summation Noise Indicator
Support and Resistance
Support and Resistance Levels
Swing Chart
Swing Trading Expert
System Test Examples
Tar SZ an
Tema PV Binary Wave
Tether Line
Three Day Engulfingbear Short Trade
Three Moving Average System
Threshold Trading Revisited-RSI
Threshold Trading Revisited-Stochastic
Thrust Oscilator
Tick Line Momentum Oscillator
Tight and Narrow Range High
Time Segmented Volume
Time Series Forecast System Test
Trading Channel Index
Trading Day of  the Month
Trading the Trend I
Trailing Stop
Trailing Stop II
Trailing Stop Indicator III
Trailing Stop Loss Indicator
Trailing Stops Volatility-Base2
Trailing Stops Volatility-Based
Trend Analysis Index
Trend Continuation Factor
Trend Detection Index
Trend Trailing Indicator
Trending Bandini
Trendline Formula
Triple MA I
TRIX Timeseries
True Range Formula
True Range High-Low Range on RTHourly
True Range Moving Average
TSF Optimised Trading System
TSI and TSI Moving Average
Ultimate Oscillator
Ultimate Signal Generato1
Ultimate Signal Generato2
Ultimate Signal Generator
Up Down 20 on Double Average Volume
Up Down Volume
Upside Downside Ratio
Uptrend Downtrend Signals
VIC 5 Days Price Disparity Oscillator
VIC 7 Steps Oscillator
Vidya with Volatility Bands
Volatility as Percent
Volatility Bands-Long Term Strateg1
Volatility Bands-Long Term Strateg2
Volatility Bands-Long Term Strategy
Volatility Breakout System Returns Profit
Volatility Channel
Volatility Difference
Volatility Exits
Volatility Percent Indicator
Volatility Stop II
Volatility Trade In Gold
Volume Above Below 10 day MA
Volume Accumulation Percentage
Volume Advance-Decline in 2 Colors
Volume Based Exploration
Volume Float Indicator I
Volume Oscillator wOpt1
Volume Oscillator wOpt2
Volume Oscillator wOptm
Volume Weighted Average Price
Wallies 20 Stop Loss Indicator
Weekly High Low Wave
Weekly Momentum for Daily Chart
Weekly Oscillator Segment
Weekly Patterns
Weekly Pivot Point
Weekly Stochastic on Daily Chart
Wilders ATR
Wilders Volatility
Williams Accumulation Distribution
Williams R Modified
Williams Sentiment Index
WilliamsR Similar
WillSpread by Larry Williams
WinMidas Ammended Code
WinMidas Support and Resistance Level1
WinMidas Support and Resistance Levels
Year to Date Gain-Loss
Zero Lag EMA
Zero Lag EMA Exploration
Zero Lag MACD
ZigZag Custom
ZigZag Symmetry
Znormalizowany Wspolczynnik Zmiennosci
zz 21 Day Trigger
zz f Oscillator
zz HistVol50Prds Dly
zz of STD of Volume
zz4 Precent Rule
zz7 Day Rate of Change
zzBands II
zzBands zzBandsCount
zzBands zzBandsCount v2


Williams %R – Similar by Rajat K. Bose 


An indicator similar to Williams %R

. To: [email protected]
. Subject: An indicator similar to Williams %R
. From: Rajat Bose
. Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 23:38:52 -0700 (PDT)
. Reply-To: [email protected]
. Sender: [email protected]

List members,

Given below is an indicator, which is a variation of William’s %R, used by me in MetaStock 6.52. The structure of the indicator is similar to that of Willams’ %R.

All I have done here is to substitute High and Low of any bar with that of Bollinger Band Top and Bollinger Band Bottom.

I have tested it on various time periods (for Bollinger Bands) using 2, it sometimes gives an early indication of reversals than the Williams’ %R of the same period. Divergences have also been somewhat better.

However, the structure shows that most of its properties are similar to that of Williams’ %R or for that matter any other overbought-oversold indicator.

Any comments, criticisms and/or suggestions in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Rajat K Bose



Williams %R – Similar

Periods := Input(“Time Period”, 3,50,5);
NumDev := Input(“No. of Standard Deviations”, 1,5,2);

(100*(C-BBandBot(C, Periods, S, NumDev)) /
((( BBandTop(C, Periods, S, NumDev))-(BBandBot(C, Periods, S, NumDev)))))


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