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Often seen as just another trading technology company, Order Flow Analytics actually strives to pioneer service-led solutions through exceptional tools, support and training in an industry known to be severely lacking in all three. Trading is a game of information and strategy. OFA offers professional and retail traders knowledge-based benefits by delivering complex tick-by-tick analysis of the Order Flow in simple to understand, intuitive charts. Properly navigating financial markets requires a level playing field. Order Flow Analysis is the common knowledge most traders are missing. With proper training, support and technology – OFA’s objective is to provide a permanent advantage to those wanting to master the futures markets.
Discover What Makes the Market Tick
A retail trader’s greatest obstacle in a liquid market is the speed at which direction can change when large blocks of orders come into the market. The order flow is the real-time record of trade volume that defines short-term directional control. All market movement is subject to the relationship between the supply of the market depth and the demand of orders being executed at each price level. By classifying and analyzing the exchange of real-lime volume flowing into the market, a trader can instantly identify quantif able patterns of support and resistance and capitalize on market reversals without the lag of indicator-based technical analysis. In short, for successful trade execution all you need is to Know the Flow.
Volutin Clusters. Structurs and Retail Stops
Regardless of the training option you choose, all instruction at the Institute of Order Flow Analytics will focus on tangible concepts designed to transform novice traders into professional speculators.
The focus is on building a strong foundation in identifying shifts in directional control of the eMini S8P futures market before any
indicator or oscillator car post corf rmation. This is done by identifying key intra-day market phase transition points that coincide with chart regions of substantial volume distribution. It’s the study of establishing areas of opportunity where professional traders will be initiating trades and challenging novice retail trader stops. From those points of interest we will teach you to read simple patterns in the order flow to trigger trades with the momentum of the professional traders behind you. All trading decisions are complemented by our proprietary analytical software which breaks down the order flow into an easy to read, non-time based chart format.
What You’ll Learn at the Institute.
Monday – Order Flow
Probes & Rotations
Classifying Volume
Volume Clusters
Trade-Stop Reconciliation
Tuesday – Analysis Patterns
Support – Responsive Buying
Resistance – Responsive Selling
Breakouts – Buyers Initiating
Breakdowns – Sellers Initiating
Wednesday – Entry & Stops
Limit/Market Trading
Algo Assisted Entry
Trade Tracking Technology
Rotation-Scale Strategy
Thursday – Chart Structure
Martlet Transitions
Volume Distributions
Range Analysis
Algorithmic Pivots
Friday – Trading Strategy
Morning Analysis
Opening Range
Critical Hours
Trading Plan
Presenter: D. B. Vaello
Content: 5 videos, 9 hours 30 minutes
SIZE: 870 MB
The Institute of Order Flow Analytics – Intensive Boot Camp 5 Day Course Contents: Videos


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