Hugo Daems – Planning & Financing


Hugo Daems – Planning & Financing
This book explains how and why planning is conceived and implemented. The steps lead to convincing prospective owners that investments will be recovered profitably, and when correctly implemented to convince lenders that loans will be repaid. It examines the basic nuts–&–bolts for putting a business plan together & lists components to consider in assembling them into a solid plan. It explains the most common methods of measuring profitability and points out uses & misuses of each profitability measure.
About the Author
Mr. Hugo Mr. Hugo Daems studied law, politics and Business Administration in European colleges and Universities. He holds also an MBA degree from the University of California in Berkeley, where he majored in International Business and Financing. He has more than forty years experience in these fields. He held positions as controller and lead project planner in several major companies. He founded H.E.A.D. CONSULTING, Inc. in 1980 and was also responsible for planning and financing of ventures in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, the Middle East, the South Pacific and the Orient. His website is


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