High Probability Reversal Point Indicator For Metatrader (No Repaint!!!)



High Probability Reversal Point Indicator
Actually this indicator is a set of two indicators. One of them is indicates what happens in sell direction and the other one is indicates in buy direction. When indicators are at baseline nothing to do. When one indicator leaves the baseline, we are approaching to a reversal point. For example SELL indicator (Red) leaves baseline, then we wait for returning back. Aggressive traders can open sell trade immediately when SELL indicator returns back to the baseline. In most cases we should wait one more candle on baseline to open sell position. Everything is same in buy direction.
The indicators are

useable on any timeframes,
useable on any currency pairs,
give setable PopUp, Sound and E-mail Alerts,
send Notification Alert to Mobile devices.

We intentionally choose the day 22. november, 2013. which was a “choppy” day on USDJPY. In spite of choppiness you can see how powerfull this indicator. (We’ll post a short comment here soon.)

Video: HighProbabilityReversalPoint-Video 
Retail Price: $519 (MT4 Version)


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