Forex Pro Trader Program – Young Trader Wealth



Forex Pro Trader Program – Young Trader Wealth

Instant Access to my best ? trading course and chatroom
Strong Basics of the Forex Market ?
How to Setup your Accounts and Charting Software
?Most Used Websites and Softwares for Traders
Advanced Technical and Fundamental Analysis
Actively Trading Data Releases and News
Using Unweighted Indices for Opportunities
My Personal Trading Plan and Entry Rules
Risk Management used in Financial Institutions
Position Sizing Tools
How to Hedge and Manage Drawdown
How to Control Psychology
Adapting your Trading to your Personal Life
Keeping a Track Record
Where the Big Money is and How to get there
Adding Size to your Profitable Trades
Backtesting Tools
Using my Arbitrage Model to Find FX Opportunities
Personal Excel Sheets & Tools to Download and Use
Tips and Personal Experience to Grow in Finance
Direct Assistance throughout your Learning


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