Education –  an education course illustrate about the strategy that work on all type of financial instrument 
Most traders trade messily and what is alarming is that, traders think that they are having a systematic trading system and a real investment process however they are not. Like how every house needs a stable foundation in order to witness the power of time and weather so does trading. Traders would also need a solid base understanding about the trading market and also a clear and robust trading system to produce their income and maintain it and all of that can be achievable on the trading course Education that is illustrated by Gregoire DuPont. 
The trading course Education will be available on the online platform DuPont Trading with the content about the financial market and more importantly how to make a profitable return every time traders trade. Traders through the participation of Education will not just learn about the financial market but also what they have done wrong that prevents them from the succession of obtaining a consistent flow of income. The trading course Education of DuPont Trading will have the duration of 30 hours that will cover a wide range of topics in the trading market from the 4×4 process (a famous investment framework that guarantee to work in all timeframes and market) to the filtering process. To simply put, the trading course Education of DuPont Trading will let traders to learn about all the required information to level up in their performance in trading 
Further information about your instructor – Gregoire DuPont

Gregoire DuPont is the main instructor of the trading course Education and he is also the founder of the online platform DuPont Trading. Gregoire DuPont has been through multiple roles in the trading market: Professional trader, Portfolio Manager., Hedge Fund Manager throughout his 2 decades in the financial market. During the time he is in the trading market as a professional trader, Gregoire DuPont has managed to witness multiple of traders unable to produce a feasible trading career with very basic mistake and he understand the flaw in their performance of trading – the lack of adequate amount of knowledge. Knowing the reason, Gregoire DuPont has created the online platform DuPont Trading to help out traders and it has been gaining a lot of popularity and despite only having been in the market for 2 years. The trading course Education was created with the very same purpose that brought DuPont Trading to life which is to help out traders in the becoming of better investment.
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