Arshad Khan – 501 Stock Market Tips & Guidelines



Arshad Khan – 501 Stock Market Tips & Guidelines

This book contains 501 stock market lessons, guidelines and tips, which are grouped by various topics such as buying, selling, planning and research, picking winning characteristics, company analysis, valuation, price/earnings ratio, price performance, market behavior, technical analysis, monitoring the economy, miscellaneous tips and common mistakes to avoid. Novice as well as experienced investors will find this book useful, which is easy to read and follow because each tip is short, to the point, and grouped together with other tips that address the same topic. Therefore, an investor desirous of looking up tips on a specific subject, such as market behavior, will be able to find them in one place-in one chapter.The tips in this book provide a high level, summarized, overview. Therefore, it is ideally suited for refreshing the basic principles and rules of stock market investing. Hence, investors who desire to gain an in-depth knowledge of stock market investing are referred to the author’s previously published book, ‘ Stock investing for everyone: Tools for investing like the pros’?.


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