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What’s included?
I’m not a fan of complicated. So I designed Five Minutes to Famous to be elegantly simple ‘? only the most essential steps you need to get published are included.
Because the less you have to do, the more likely you’ll be to actually DO IT and get your name out there!
The program includes 5 easy-to-consume video modules and 4 proven-to-work scripts to get you featured in the media.
Oh, and ‘? because people always ask this ‘? you do not need to live in a big city like NYC or LA for this system to work its media magic. We have people in the program from over 30 countries. All of the strategies in Five Minutes to Famous are virtual and can be successfully applied from anywhere in the world. You won’t need a face-to-face meeting to get your first big feature!
Module One
Celebrity Identity

You know how I said this program only includes the essentials?
Clearly defining your brand is ESSENTIAL. It’s not an optional step, my friend ‘? you must have a clear identity and messaging to guide the rest of your strategy. Otherwise, you’ll be pitching topics that don’t align with your brand, which leads to missing the mark on your business goals.
Create your core brand messaging to guide each and every message you share
Develop specific areas of expertise, a strong viewpoint, and a compelling, unforgettable voice
Confidently describe why editors should choose you over everyone else ‘? the critical foundation for your rejection-proof pitch!
Pinpoint topics that bring massive attention from media, press, and readers
Position yourself as an expert in your field, so editors and readers alike seek your opinion
Module Two
The Money Spot

Seeing your name in the press is cool and all, but we’re building your business, not just your ego.
This module is about getting strategic with your media placements so your press gets results (to the tune of list growth, clients, and sales). Plus, you’ll learn how the heck to make that important editor connection that will take your business to the next level.
A detailed description of your dream clients, students, and subscribers’?so you can create the exact content they’re looking for
A hit list of the local, national, and niche publications that your ideal clients are reading and are consistent with your brand
How to find the contact information for editors at big publications, even if you don’t have a single media contact. (This is worth its weight in gold ‘? you can’t pitch editors if you don’t know where to find them!)
Which media and publications drive real results for your biz and which don’t. (Bet you’ll be as surprised as I was when I learned this.)
How to supercharge your SEO by choosing publications that provide high-quality backlinks to your website
Module Three
Rejection-Proof Pitching
Before you get to touch the masses with your message, you’ve got to get an editor to say ‘yes’? to the idea.
That’s where your pitch comes in. After years of pitching editors (and admittedly making a bunch of mistakes along the way,) I know the exact way to structure your pitch to get approved by even the most competitive media outlets. Together, we’ll craft what to say to get the attention of big players in the wild, noisy world of publishing.
How to effectively pitch any editor in any niche on any topic
My strategy to never run out of stand-out story angles and irresistible topics that editors at places like Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Shape magazine can’t get enough of
How to piggyback on trends in the zeitgeist to make your pitch even more enticing to editors
Polite-but-assertive follow up strategies to get a ‘yes!’? response from busy editors’?without becoming an annoying stalker
My unique ‘Laddering Up’? sales technique to leverage each media feature to get more and bigger publications to approve your pitches. (Bonus: you can apply this same strategy to land more and bigger clients, more and bigger speaking gigs’?the opportunities are endless!)
Module Four
Swoon-Worthy Content

Your pitch was approved!! Pop, fizz’?wait. Before we can celebrate, you’ve got to write that article!
Because if you don’t submit a killer article that fulfills the promise of your pitch, your piece will never get published. Follow this simple system to create an editor-approved article that leads readers to your website like hipsters to a deconstructed latte. No previous writing skills required!
The 5 simple elements your article must include to get published in print or online
How to write a story that hooks interest, gets tons of clicks, and makes readers take the next step with your business
Productivity hacks to make the writing process easy, fun, and fast (I bang out my articles in 45 minutes flat!)
Concrete ways to generate new business by writing in a way that makes readers fall in love with you
How to optimize your website to take advantage of all the traffic your guest posts will be sending you
Module Five
The Wildfire Factor
You think you wrote 600 words with your article? You didn’t ‘? you wrote 600,000 words’?if you know how to use and promote it the right way. This module is about maximizing every media spot, stretching every word, and fanning the flames to watch your message spread and reputation shoot to the stars.
Your Post-Publish Checklist of the promotional activities to do once your article goes live so that everyone sees it
The syndication secrets that lead to thousands of likes, shares, and comments ‘? and millions of views ‘? on your articles
How to 10x your content by repurposing it on your blog, as part of a book, or in a paid program or course’?with integrity and permission
My ‘Topic Remix Method’? to re-engineer your most successful published articles to pitch to new media outlets (to save time writing new content and brainstorming new topics)
How to build powerful relationships the right way to become every editor’s go-to person in your industry for future press opportunities
The million-view trick to get your work shared by influencers who are happy to spread the word, if you know how to work it! I’ve had my work shared by Paulo Coelho (author of The Alchemist), Arianna Huffington, Tony Robbins, Kris Jenner, Steven Pressfield, and Dave Asprey (founder of Bulletproof Coffee) using this strategy ‘? some of the coolest moments of my life!


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