How to Pay

1. Add to cart your Product

First of fall do add cart your products that you wan to have. Click on add cart on product page.

2. Go to checkout

After adding products in cart go to checkout. On Checkout page a link will appear there that redirects to payment page.

Click on that page


3. Pay Here

After clicking on payment page a new page will open and here you need to pay. We have made a single product with 1$ price. Now you need to make it the same price as your checkout have. A page will be open like below image.

  • For example if your checkout price is 85.69 than add there 84.69 via click on add more button.
  • Now Select option between Stripe(pay with cards) and Coin base(pay with crypto). 
  • After select the option of payment on next slide will open, it will ask for your mail id that’s necessary to deliver product and enter course name in next box for that you are paying.
  • Further payment gateway will be open and fill needed details there and complete the transaction.
  • Once payment is done, an access link will be shared instantly in mail, maximum 14 hours if we are offline or in sleep time zone.
  • If you need assistance to place an order contact us on mail – [email protected] 


Price must be same price as your checkout price otherwise may your order wouldn’t proceed.

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